Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Technically Speaking...

Wasn't this a fantastic week? We all learned that the 'Recession' ended during the Summer of 2009! See... technically speaking a recession ends when there are two consecutive quarters of positive growth in GDP. Well, the G (Government Spending) was heavily subsidized by stimulus spending which pushed us over the 'zero' mark and into positive territory - thus, recession over. Got it?

To borrow from a popular SNL Weekend Update line... 'REALLY? REALLY?' Whatever is technically correct, most of America is not feeling like we've entered any sort of recovery. Unemployment is at 9.7% and new records are reached every month for poverty and other negative indicators. What's worse is that there is no hope for improvement. The Administration and Congressional leaders are telling us to get used to it, it's the 'new norm'. Should we accept this attitude, this defeatist attitude?

What we don't hear is the usual spin from the Administration, bragging about ending the recession. Despite being 'technically' correct, they recognize the utter failure of the Recovery Summer campaign. See, Americans are beginning to see through the loopholes and wordsmithing of this academic conglomerate.

Let's examine some other examples of the Administration being 'technically correct':

  • 'I've given tax breaks to business owners...' - Well, business owners can claim a $5,000 tax credit if they hire (not rehire) a new employee and employ them for a year. Though that sounds good on the surface, but consider the investment, costs, and implications of hiring a full time employee. To begin, a successful business owner will need to realize product demand for the addition. Second, an average salary of $40,000 will also require @$4,000 in employment taxes, $10,000 in benefits. To summarize, spend $54,000 per year and we'll give you $5,000 this year. How's that sound, even if there was growing demand for products and services?
  • 'Tax breaks for working Americans...' - Many middle class employees got something like $13 per payday for a period of time. Don't spend it all in one place! Again, technically true. However, is it substantial help for families? 
  • 'We've increased border security...' - Again, technically true. 1,200 National Guardsmen have been deployed for technical support to Border Patrol Agencies. Side note, they cannot participate in CAPTURING BAD GUYS! Is the goal here to truly protect and defend our southern border? 
Doesn't this sound like someone covering their bases? When asked about their positions, these have been their answers. When dealing with these academic, elite folks - we need to ask the right questions and follow up with more specific questions. This will not be accomplished by the national media, so we are going to have to do it ourselves in Town Hall meetings and letters to Congress persons. 

Here is the most disconcerting and subtle technically correct answer of them all... 'Are you a Socialist?' - POTUS, 'No, I am not a Socialist.'

See, technically speaking Obama is a MARXIST. Socialist understates his agenda. We need to ask the right questions with this guy. Got it?